Software modules

Our standard software PREDICTIVE INTELLIGENCE with its self-learning Artificial Intelligence algorithms delivers highly accurate predictions even in complex processes and discovers hidden anomalies in machine and human behavior. In addition, recommendations are given to avoid future inefficiencies. These recommendations are given to humans, i.e. machine operators in production, or control is done without human interaction, thanks to machine-to-machine communication. Depending on your analytical task, relevant modules are made available.

USP: When your processes change, our software understands future consequences of those changes, automatically. Therefore, no Data Scientist has to modify your Artificial Intelligence solution, anymore.


  • Initial discovery of complex patterns
  • Continuous learning of changes
  • Automatic adjustment for instances


  • Discovery of complex root causes
  • Transparency how to improve processes sustainably


  • Highly accurate prediction of complex KPIs
  • Reliable planning of even strongly interwoven processes
  • Avoiding inefficiencies before they happen

Anomaly Detection

  • Discover anomalies in processes or machine behavior
  • Clearly assess process anomalies and those anomalies which lead to bad performance, failure, ...


  • Assess changed processes before implementing organizational or technical changes
  • Execute What If Scenarios and find best solution for future process execution

Predictive Control

  • Integrating optimization into operative control
  • Automatic and continuous optimization of operative processing

Data + User Management

  • Interface management
  • Data processing
  • Data cleaning
  • User management

PREDICTIVE INTELLIGENCE has a flexible architecture. It can be run on Linux or Windows, can use SQL or SAP HANA© and is GPU-enabled for high performance.
It can be easily integrated into your IT architecture (cloud, on premise, edge), either with own user interfaces, or as analytics core to send results into your existing systems.