Predictive Finance

Banking and insurance data have been analyzed for many years. However, most systems are rule-based, which means that only those problems are discovered which are based on pre-defined If-Then-scenarios. Unfortunately, our world is too complex to get all eventualities in pre-defined rules. Here, too, self-learning PREDICTIVE INTELLIGENCE can help. Artificial Intelligence discovers data patterns even in big data and incomplete data and predicts behavior or detects anomalies on the spot.

Our self-learning Artificial Intelligence Software Solution PREDICTIVE INTELLIGENCE supports you on all levels of financing:

  • Minimize credit risk, i.e. by discovering if a desired credit is used for re-financing other financial commitments. That data is not available and needs to be derived indirectly from external data.
  • Discovers fraud
  • Understands future client needs.

PREDICTIVE INTELLIGENCE algorithms understand behavior changes of your clients and algorithms adapt automatically.